Friday, March 26, 2010

The Inaugural Blog!

. . .And there was much rejoicing.

First off, let me commence this endeavor by stating that this is not just a blog; this is a white flag. My own dear mother, having watched "Julie and Julia" and emerged with the notion that blogs and that bewildering entity known as the internet will invariably bring fame and fortune, has been pressuring me to start a blog for some time so that I might support her to the means to which she'd like to grow accustomed. (You know you were homeschooled when the most formidable peer pressure you receive is from your own maternal authority unit.) Hopefully, my transcribing my typical wordy Facebook status updates to something far wordier and far whinier herein will appease her, and perchance buy me some peace around here (. . .Hi, Mom)

This being the case, I've opted to blog (which is NOT a legitimate verb and never will be, herumph) about the assorted rubbish I make, the things I do, etc., free from the constraints of a 450-character-or-less little virtual shoebox. There will be drama, there will be romance, there will be pictures, and there will be plenty of Monty Python quotes. I'll begin by giving the lot of you (Hi again, Mom) a play-by-play of some of my chainmail and sewing projects, and throw in the occasional bitchy interlude for kicks and grins.

That's all for now, folks. Tune in next time for the cutting out and completion of Christine's custom prom dress, WITH PICTURES!

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